New e Juice Island Man by One Hit Wonder E Liquid

Posted by on Aug 2, 2017 in News |

Morning everyone and thanks for visiting again. Today we are going to talk about a brand new e Juice that is only available in a few shops as of now called Island Man. It’s made by one of the best e Juice manufacturers in the US, One Hit Wonder E Liquid. It was just released a few days ago and so far it’s a hit. The main flavor profile is Tropical Fruit Punch and it is pretty much dead on. It is absolutely delicious. We were able to get a sample bottle from a friend who has a Online Vape Shop. He is one of the only shops that has it available right now in all 3 nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. I personally try a lot of e Juice and this is definitely a new favorite of mine. The flavor is addicting say the least. It takes a lot for me to really like a new e Juice and I am not the only one who has fallen in love with this eliquid. If you are interested in picking up this brand new top of the line premium eJuice you can buy it now from The Best Vape. If you order by 12pm EST it ships the same day. They have all three strengths in stock and ready to ship. We are recommending this new flavor Island Man by One Hit Wonder to everyone and so far they all love it. Just something to mention, the throat hit might be stronger than what you are sued to because this juice is so new and so fresh which means it hasn’t had any time to sit on a shelf and steep yet. So just be warned and you can use a lower wattage until it gets right or until you are used to it. So far everyone who we have told has been very happy with this. The pricing is excellent as well, you get 100ml for $24.99 which is a bargain for top shelf Premium E Liquid. So go check out this new flavor and thank me later when you fall in love with it.