New RDA by Vandy Vape – Lit RDA

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Morning folks, we are here today to tell you all about the newest product by Vandy Vape, the Lit RDA. Not much has been published about this Atomizer yet except for a few minor details. It has a multi-function base that allows you to build coils in 3 different ways; Horizontal Builds, Vertical Builds, &  Mesh. It has a slide airflow called “Rhombus Airflow Control” that lets you adjust the airflow tube into 2 different air patterns. It is available in 4 different colors; Black, SS, Gold, & Rainbow, which are the standard colors released by Vandy Vape RDA’s. We believe it comes with 3 different types of 18mm Drip Tips; Resin, Ultem, & Delrin. The measurements are 31.4mm (L) x 24mm (D), and weighs 92g including the packaging. The Product Contents are: 1 x Lit RDA, 1 x 18mm Ultem Drip Tip, 1 x Delrin Drip Tip, 1 x Accessory Bag, 1 x User Manual. The structure is completely detachable into multiple parts; Drip Tip, Air-Tube, Airflow Cap, Build Deck, Squonk Pin, 510 Pin. The pricing for this soon top be released Lit RDA by Vandy Vape I have seen so far is around $25 from Chinese Shops & around $28 from US Shops. So far the only color we have seen them posting on Social Media is the SS Version, as you can see in the image below. This RDA is available for Pre-Order on a select few Sites including our favorite US Shop, The Best Vape. They have 3 Colors to choose from; Black, Gold, & Rainbow. The Pre-Order price is $27.99, and there is no ETA available at this time. I have placed multiple Pre-Orders from them in the past and they are always on the ball as far as receiving their shipment at the same time as other shops or most of the time before other shops, and they always keep me updated as to the ETA / Arrival Date / Shipment from them Date which is always the following business day after they get it in. You can be 100% confident when ordering from them.

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A New Kit by Vandy Vape

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Here we are again, another post about a brand new Vape Product that will be herring the market in Mid to Late December. The Manufacture, Vandy Vape. They have been creating some real great products and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon it seems. The latest Release, the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Kit comes with the Pulse BF Mod & the Pulse BF RDA Special Edition which will Be Matte Black. They did something a little different compared to the Mod, the colors are Frosted & Ultem. From the pictures we have seen they look gorgeous, specially the Frosted Green. There will also be Replaceable Panels and Replaceable Bottles that can be purchased separately. Here are the colors; Ultem, Frosted White, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Frosted Green, Frosted Orange, Frosted Cyan, & Frosted Yellow. That’s quite a lineup of awesome colors, and since the Panels are completely mixable / swappable the Options are almost limitless.

Besides all the excellent color choices the device is also a great Squonk Mod. It’s super tough, has great conductivity due to no wires and a direct connection from button to battery. The Squonk bottle hold a huge 8ml of eJuice. And it’s extremely affordable at about $30.00 to $40.00. It’s definitely one of the best and most affordable Squonk Devices on the market at the moment.

The RDA that comes in this Pulse BF Kit is the Pulse 24, a very popular RDA. Their is a difference between the regular BF 24 & the one that comes in the Kit. The one that comes in this Kit is a Special Edition Matte Black finish RDA. There might be other differences but I just don’t know about them yet. I will update this article when I learn more about it.

Another thing to mention is the different Drip Tips that are available. It looks like each Frosted Color has its own Drip Tip, and the Ultem comes with a Ultem Tip. All of the Tips match exactly to the Mod. The Tips should also be available to purchase at a later date.

If you are interested in picking up this Pulse BF Kit we suggest heading over to The Best Vape and placing a Pre-Order so you don’t miss out. That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

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New e Juice Island Man by One Hit Wonder E Liquid

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Morning everyone and thanks for visiting again. Today we are going to talk about a brand new e Juice that is only available in a few shops as of now called Island Man. It’s made by one of the best e Juice manufacturers in the US, One Hit Wonder E Liquid. It was just released a few days ago and so far it’s a hit. The main flavor profile is Tropical Fruit Punch and it is pretty much dead on. It is absolutely delicious. We were able to get a sample bottle from a friend who has a Online Vape Shop. He is one of the only shops that has it available right now in all 3 nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg. I personally try a lot of e Juice and this is definitely a new favorite of mine. The flavor is addicting say the least. It takes a lot for me to really like a new e Juice and I am not the only one who has fallen in love with this eliquid. If you are interested in picking up this brand new top of the line premium eJuice you can buy it now from The Best Vape. If you order by 12pm EST it ships the same day. They have all three strengths in stock and ready to ship. We are recommending this new flavor Island Man by One Hit Wonder to everyone and so far they all love it. Just something to mention, the throat hit might be stronger than what you are sued to because this juice is so new and so fresh which means it hasn’t had any time to sit on a shelf and steep yet. So just be warned and you can use a lower wattage until it gets right or until you are used to it. So far everyone who we have told has been very happy with this. The pricing is excellent as well, you get 100ml for $24.99 which is a bargain for top shelf Premium E Liquid. So go check out this new flavor and thank me later when you fall in love with it.

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The New 230W Mod by Sigelei Is Excellent

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Hey readers, thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out this new post. Today we will briefly go over a brand new device by one of the most popular companies in the Vape Market, Sigelei. They just came out with a Mod that reaches up to 230W, and has a special LED lighting system built in. The lights are in a bezel around the display, and you can choose from 6 awesome bright colors. The colors are Blue, Orange, Red, Teal, Purple, & Green. The Teal & Green are the brightest and my favorite. Besides the lights it’s a very high quality mod, built solid and with care. The battery compartment is excellent, it actually snaps or locks into place which is one of a kind these days. I would buy this mod over and over again if it broke or got lost, that is how much I like it. If you are interested in picking one up I suggest heading over to The Best Vape for excellent prices and outstanding customer service. They have the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum for a great price, about $53.00 plus shipping I believe. Their shipping is also light speed, well the processing and packaging is, USPS is out of their control of course. I 100% stand behind this new Mod and the company I just mentioned. I have ordered from them about 8 times now and every time it has been a mind blowing experience. So go head over to their site and check out the Kaos Spectrum now, before they sell out and you have to wait for a restock. Ok well that is about it for today, we hope you take the advice I have you and get this awesome device as soon as possible. You can thank me later. Have a great day.

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The New SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank

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Hey, today we are here to tell you about the brand new Tank called the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank that is going to be the most powerful and most popular Tank on the market. The company releasing it is SMOK, and they have been on fire lately with new products pushing the limits. Obviously the Vape world loves this because everyone wants the new stuff out. I believe it’s called shiny object syndrome. This new Tank comes stock Duodenary Coil (12) which is capable of being run up to 200W. That’s a lot of wattage, far more than what is needed, and more than the average vaper uses. That’s ok though, it gives people the option to go higher, or not. And everyone loves options right? If you are thinking about picking up one of these, you can reserve the SMOK TFV12 Tank now over at The Best Vape. I believe they have 4 color option right now, black, stainless, gold, and 7 color rainbow. I think they have them for $35.00. Please keep in mind that these are not released or in stock anywhere right now. Nor is there even a official or temporary release date set yet. You are just reserving the product so when it comes in you are sure to receive it from their 1st shipment. It’s a good way to make sure that you receive one as soon as they hit the shelves, rather than wait until they come out and take the chance that they sell out before you get your hands on one. Paying now just guarantees that you get one.

This new Tank will hold 6ml of E Juice. It has a height of 70mm, diameter of 28mm, glass diameter of 27mm, base diameter of 25mm, & weight of 91g. It’s made of Stainless Steel, and measures 27mm x 70mm. It has a 510 thread. It comes with a base, glass tube, 2 coils, top cap, drip tip, spare parts, & a limited info user manual. There will be 2 editions of the Tank, the standard one and the RBA Edition. There will be 6 different coils head options to start with, but I am sure more will out shortly after the Tank release. There is also a optional Glass Drip Tip, but we don’t have that much info on that yet. That is pretty much all the info you need, and that they have released to the public so far. If you want to pick one of these up we recommend you follow the link above, or check out The Best Vape for more info.

Ok well that is it for today’s post, we hope this was a good read for you. Have a great day!

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